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Independent Trading Group (ITG) Inc. is Canada’s only brokerage firm dedicated specifically to professional trading – serving the needs of our Proprietary Traders, the Marketplaces on which they trade; and the Issuers we support with Our principal capital.

  • We offer traders competitive profit sharing compensation; full transparency and accountability into the cost management of their business; and an entrepreneurial environment from which to grow their business. We continually seek to grow our position in liquidity provision, foreign exchange arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, market structure arbitrage and multi-asset trading.
  • As Canada’s independent market making firm, ITG maintains liquidity provider and price discovery services to marketplaces in over 300 securities on the Toronto Stock Exchange and through fee-for-service liquidity provision. Objective and focused we offer marketplaces the ability to provide a lower cost of capital to their issuers.
  • With Partners in corporate finance advisory and corporate communications we support our Issuers as a trusted advisor through curated access to global quality financial engineering and investor relations services.

ITG employs real traders, the latest in trading technology and risk management tools and in-depth market structure expertise with an emphasis on integrity and success.

ITG, a proprietary trading and market making firm, is a member of IIROC, CIPF, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Canadian Securities Exchange. ITG provides various services such as price discovery and market making for traders, marketplaces and issuers.

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Market Making

ITG is a highly respected Market Making Firm that has been in business for over 25 years. ITG is consistently at the top of the rankings of Market Making Firms according to criteria set out by the TSX.

We provide market making services to firms that range from small, just listed securities to the country’s largest corporations. Our portfolio currently totals more than 100 Principal Market Making responsibilities.

As Market Makers, we

  • Maintain a Spread Goal – to provide and ensure a continuous two-sided market that is visible and tradable.
  • Are a constant, stabilizing presence in the marketplace by contributing to Market Depth and Liquidity by populating the Order Book with bids and offers.
  • Mitigate volatility and promote orderly price discovery through orders entered into the book that tighten the natural spread.
  • Act as Gatekeepers and report any suspect activity to regulators.

​ITG is also growing its Market Making Services to Venture Listed Companies. If you are a Venture listed issuer and seek to avail these services please contact us.

Price Discovery

ITG also maintains arbitrage desks in Interlisted Foreign Exchange arbitrage, and marketplace arbitrage. Price discovery complements Market Making for marketplaces and Issuers as it assists in determining the natural price of a security along with lowering the cost of convenience as reflected by the bid/offer spread.

Professional Proprietary Trading

ITG also engages in other proprietary strategies. Contact us if you are seeking to roll out your strategies.

Services to Marketplaces

Independent Trading Group offers its Marketplace clients customized liquidity solutions. We view our role as symbiotic to the needs of Marketplaces as we enhance the market quality of the platforms we operate on.

With a wealth of experience in Market Structure, Trading Product Development, Risk Management, Rule Setting and the TSX Market Maker System; ITG contributes this knowledge to the development of Marketplaces.

We continue to seek new Platform partners to develop Innovative solutions to the Price Discovery process to the benefit of the Traders and Issuers.

Issuer Services

ITG brings Market Structure Theory to Corporate Finance Practice for the Issuers we Serve.

Under the TSX Market Maker system, we measure and manage value (security prices) in real-time to perform our duties as a Market Maker, so as to offer Issuers unique Access, using Advanced Financial Engineering resources to analyzing Issuer capital structure, Capital strategy, Performance Management and Incentives.

With a deep network of relationships with Broker-dealers, Quant funds, Hedge funds, Thought leaders in Value, Investor Relations and Capital Providers we have historically kept all of these resources in house as we manage our capital, proprietary to the firm.

We now offer our unconflicted and unique Intellectual Property resources and Network of Relationships to you to assist with all manner of corporate finance and capital markets challenges in “real-time” with a view to supporting your long-term strategy to maximizing shareowner value, as a Trusted Advisor.

The first Market Maker to build direct relationships with its Issuers, a Trusted Advisor, Integrating price discovery with shareowner value.

Best Execution Policy

For more information, see our Best Execution Policies document

Trade Matching Statement 

For more information, see our Trade Matching Statement document