Independent Trading Group is always looking to build our current complement of talented Traders.


As an alternative to Financial Services group owned broker-dealers we offer:

  • ​Competitive direct drive profit sharing compensation which aligns incentives with our Trading professionals as partners.
  • A completely transparent accounting and cost model to drive operating performance of your business.
  • An entrepreneurial, risk aware, environment which allows us to continually explore new business opportunities in the Capital Market environment.


We also continuously seek to expand our team with potential partners who can enhance our Marketplace and Issuer services offering with Market Structure, Technology or Financial engineering expertise.


​If you have an interest in bringing your proven track and are professionally registered, we are interested in talking to you.


​ITG, a Proprietary Trading and Market Making firm, is a member of IIROC, CIPF, the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Canadian Securities Exchange. ITG provides various services such as Price Discovery and Market Making for Traders, Marketplaces and Issuers. ITG operates out of two offices in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada).


​Please contact us.